Custom Fishing Design – Artwork Fee


Your ideas, our artists!

Let our artists run free on that idea you’ve had, we’ll create something incredible. 

We can help with either a custom illustration, adding your own personal photos, or simply create a whole new design based on your ideas.

We’re here to help you create the most insane fishing shirts ever!  

You can purchase the design fees below to get started or contact us to talk about your design. 

Make use of our incredible illustrators to create a piece of art for your fishing shirts.

We start with a rough sketch to get positions right, then from there the details get added and your design comes to life!
Samples below but we have artists that can take on any design style. 

Purchase “custom illustration” from the Design Options menu below menu below to get started or contact us to have a chat. 

This option is best if you require your own photos or if you require photoshop work done to merge, edit & create detailed backgrounds for your custom fishing shirts. 

Purchase “Detailed background” from the Design Options menu below to get started or contact us to have a chat. 

When you’re after just a simple fishing shirt design but one thats unique to your own ideas. This is your best option. 

For designs that require basic design work. Limited to 2 or 3  colours,  basic patterns, or simple graphic design work.

Purchase “Simple background” from the Designs Option menu below to get started or contact us to have a chat. 


Design Options




Need a Custom Design?

There’s nothing like a shirt that’s all your own!  We have the tools to bring your ideas to life! 

You’ve got 2 options:
1: Get Started – Purchase our Design fee – Send in a brief and our designers will Work their magic!

2: Chat first  – If you would feel more comfortable talking first, please hit the button below to email us or call 1300 864 755