The team at Spida would like to welcome Murray Stewart to our growing team of ambassadors.
Murray entered and won our Instagram competition where the prize was to be set up with Ambassadorship of our fishing gear. We have printed some amazing fishing shirts and hoodies in the pattern of his most sort after target fish, the brown trout and he will be strutting some of the best gear around as we are about to launch a whole new range of sublimated fishing shirts.

Below is a little insight into Murray’s fishing and life in general.

Age: 17

Local areaCentral West NSW (Lithgow)

Passion for the outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, camping or bushwalking and carrying a camera along the way to capture those things you only see on social media and read about in magazines

Been fishing since I was very young, introduced by my dad (Glen Stewart, also a freshwater fishing enthusiast, who knows a way too much about fish habits and feeding patterns for just anyone to understand, a bit of a local fishing guru)

Like to set goals in the fishing world that most people will laugh or baulk at, for example… catching fish on the most stupid of things (sight casting to trout with just a hook nothing else and catching them legit.

Like to test my strengths and abilities by pulling huge sessions on the water in the toughest bites to try and catch the target species and even long treks to a spot that I don’t even know will hold fish just to prove to myself that it’s possible… my mates think I’m crazy

I am also a part of the local CAS (Central Acclimatisation Society), we are in charge of stocking our local area with both trout and bass. As of last year (this being the second) we have held a local fishing tournament on a local dam as part of ‘Go fish Australia day’ at which attended close to 1000 locals fishos and families, our main aim of this was to raise awareness of the amount and destruction caused by the newly illegally stocked redfin populations

Tournaments: I’ve fished many comps, including the Windamere golden classic, Burrendong Easter classic, JJ’s plague Copeton top water Invitational, see bees ANSA Lake Lyell fishing tournament, CFA interclub fly fishing meet

Tournament winsI’ve taken out champion junior angler at the Windamere golden classic 2 times and family team 3 times, JJ’s plague Copeton top water Invitational (in its first ever comp weekend) 1st in the overall individual by just over 2 meters in front of the nearest competitor and first in the team event, recently took out the longest river trout 1st,2nd and 3rd at the CFA interclub fly fishing meet with a 65cm brown being the biggest, we (the CAS) also won overall

Work: For work, I’ve only ever had one job which is a casual lifeguard (still current), generally just work after school and weekends.

Favourite spotI wouldn’t say I have an all-out favourite because each spot fishes different in different conditions and at different times of the year but if I had to pick one it would be Windamere dam, it’s not uncommon to go out there in spring and knowing the water as well as I do, pull upwards of 10-15 big golden perch in a day.

Favourite speciesAgain, I don’t have a favourite species of all time but it’s hard to go past watching a golden perch follow your lure up off the bottom straight under the boat on the sounder before being inhaled, so I’d have to go with the golden perch

Favourite method of fishing: Can’t beat laying out a good loop on a fly rod to a sight casted fish whether it be trout, carp or a slob of a golden

Bucket list species: The single fish I want to catch is a pike on the fly.

Bucket list fishing destinationMontana

Most memorable fish: Most memorable fish would be my PB brown trout at 71cm on the fly(only slightly smaller than my rainbow PB of 74cm), it was my first substantial trout on a fly, a true standout from the other usual 30’s, 40’s and 50cm fish

Please follow Murray on Instagram @muza1011 or his fishing page called @fish_whisperers where he posts all his fishing photos.

Once again, welcome to the team, its great to have you on board!