Logo Design

Our philosophy for logo design is quite straight forward. “Keep it simple” 

The brands that pop into your head straight away, what do they all have in common? We’ll give you 3 seconds….



3…Times up! Their logos are all clean & crisp.

Our team of Adelaide logo designers will get your brand on point & easily recognised wherever it is used.

The amount of mediums your logo design is going to be used will seriously blow your mind. Think clothing, social media, business cards (if anyone still uses them…) promotional items, posters, flyers, stickers,  websites and the list goes on. 

Not all these items can have the same print method or use full colour & crazy fine detail printing. This is why your logo design needs to be clean, crisp & flexible to be used in a range of colour ways, sizes and still look consistent.

Sound tough? Not really… thats why we are here.

Recreating logos

Lost those high resolution logos files? We’ve all done it….

Don’t stress we’ll recreate your logo and get you those high resolutions files back. 

Originals / Recreated Examples

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Simple Design Examples (+$100)

Detailed Background (+$200)

Illustrations (+$250)

Collar Styles

Design Options

Custom Illustration: $250

Our artists will bring your ideas to life. Below is a gallery of different styles we have created.  

Detailed Background: $200

  • Designs with multiple elements to the background
  • Photos (Your own photos can be used if supplied with a minimum of 150dpi)

Simple Background: $100 

  • Backgrounds with mostly solid colours
  • Simple Patterns