Get your Jet ski ready, life jacket on, ready to cut up the water!

Oh… don’t forget your fishing rod… Yes, you read that right, don’t head off to spec savers just yet! 

Jet ski fishing is now a thing, and it’s more popular than what you’d expect. Even so, many of the major jet ski brands are bringing out their own range of dedicated fishing skis to grab their spot as front runners in this fast growing sport.

Rolly and the team at came to us to help create a range of modern fishing jerseys that will launch their brand amongst this new breed of fishermen. 

We love creating Fishing shirts no matter what or who they are for. However, when we’re asked to help build designs for a new brand, we get more pumped than the grandma’s at bingo!


Inspired by the ocean and tournament fishing, we created 3 styles with a total 10 different colour ways for a stunning range of fishing shirts. 

The Jet Angler fishing shirts have also been designed with the ability to wear on and off the water. 

Being based in the Whitsundays, Australia it was a no brainer the opted to use our most light weight & premium material ‘Intercool’  which boast a very high UPF40+ sun protection rating.  Their fishing shirts are perfect for the weather conditions that FNQ throws up.

Do yourself a favour and check out their full range via the link below.

Jet Angler fishing shirts on shore entering beach

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