Bad Mums Fishing Shirts

Just when we think we have heard all the team names under the sun, along comes Tracey with her order of fishing shirts for a group of mums. ‘Bad mums‘ actually… (I’m sure that’s not entirely true). Tracey and her group of ‘bad mums’ were getting away for that much needed “Mums time out” health retreat and thought they would make the trip more memorable with match fishing shirts. We were stoked to be given the opportunity to create their fishing trip shirts and you can see from the photo above they look amazing!

The design is fairly simple, with a water background with a spray painted logo on the front. There is a great motto in the world of design though, “Less is more”. That is definitely the case with these sublimated fishing shirts. No need to clog up all the space with logos or images. They just wanted to let the water and colours do the talking.

Are you looking for shirts for your fishing team for your next trip? Maybe you just need custom fishing shirts for your weekend getaways? You will be surprised how easy it is to organise your sublimated shirts.

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