TEAM SPIDA 2020 Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors come from all walks of life and reach every corner of the globe. They all have something in common –  they love our brand and continue to grow with us.

Interested in joining Team Spida?
Each year we run applications (Usually around October) to join our team.
We reward people that have shown ongoing support for our brand either via orders, referrals or simply being social with us on our channels to help spread the word!




Tenpin Bowling

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Simple Design Examples (+$100)

Detailed Background (+$200)

Illustrations (+$250)

Collar Styles

Design Options

Custom Illustration: $250

Our artists will bring your ideas to life. Below is a gallery of different styles we have created.  

Detailed Background: $200

  • Designs with multiple elements to the background
  • Photos (Your own photos can be used if supplied with a minimum of 150dpi)

Simple Background: $100 

  • Backgrounds with mostly solid colours
  • Simple Patterns